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The following is taken from the book, Magical Prayers, that Lucy is currently writing.  Three prayers are also included.

"There is an ongoing dialogue between creation and creator; a dialogue that continues mostly unnoticed.  When that dialogue is brought to consciousness, when we become aware of it, we are engaged in the act of prayer.  Prayer is the conscious dialogue between creator and creation, a dialogue, which by its very nature is creative and creating.  And the language in which this dialogue is spoken is love. 

We are waves in the ocean called god and we create with and in this ocean.  Nothing can be created outside this ocean and since all is within this ocean, within this god, all that we create is good.  The quality of goodness is an essential quality of prayer in the dialogue between creator and creation.

The quality of goodness, which is the quality of love, is what keeps us in god-consciousness - the state of greatness, limitlessness, wholeness, joyfulness, peace and freedom.  God-consciousness is the only true state, for everything is in god.  When we are not in the state of god-consciousness, we are not creating that which is good and that which is of our true, godly nature.

Many of us were raised on widely recognized and often-used prayers.  For instance, most Christians among us are familiar with The Lordís Prayer, Grace before and after meals and the Prayer of St Francis.  For Jews, it may be the Shema prayer, for Hindus, a range of mantras and for Muslims, the ritual of salat.

How we engage in these prayers, or any prayer for that matter is important.  To engage in prayer mechanically without offering it in the environs of a Ďholy templeí, i.e. in a heart and mind that are orientated to god, to goodness, to love, is to prayer without true pure and loving intentionality.  Such prayer really cannot serve us well.  In fact, they are not prayers.  They are merely words/actions that we repeat while remaining closed off to the potential power they hold.  Prayer, as Iíve said before, is the conscious, intentional, creative and creating dialogue spoken in love between creator and creation. Thus the state of mind with which we enter into prayer and pray is important.  That state of mind is what I call Ďgod-consciousnessí. 

The state of god-consciousness can be brought about almost instantly with a simple intention:  May I enter into the presence of god, of goodness, greatness and love.  This intention in itself is a prayer if we hold it fully and sincerely.  What do I mean by that? 

To hold an intention fully and sincerely means to allow it to penetrate our entire being.  Thus we do not merely think it, we allow ourselves to feel it.  For many of us who are not practiced in holding intentions fully and sincerely, feeling an intention may at first be a little difficult and it may even feel awkward. 

Think for a moment about what it's like when someone tells you they are feeling wonderful while holding a very glum expression.  You detect the incongruence.  You see it and you feel it and it feels awkward.   Attempting to pray with your thoughts only is rather like that; it lacks congruence.  It lacks harmony.  It lacks consistency.  That is because what you are thinking and what you are feeling, sensing and doing are not matched.  It is only when all parts of you are in harmony that you are in the Ďholy templeí, the Ďtemple of godí which is whole, complete and filled with god/goodness/love.    

Now, to hold an intention fully and sincerely is easier than you think.  Ironically and fortunately, it begins with yet another intention:  May I allow myself to hold my intentions fully and sincerely.  Yes, it is that simple! 

At this point you might be thinking, "Oh gosh, if I have to go through all this before I can start praying, when will I ever get to ask for whatever it is that I want to ask for.  Or, if I am in a state of crisis, how on earth will I have the time or awareness to do all this?

When you began learning to drive a car, did you expect to drive like an experienced driver immediately?  Did you expect to cope with emergencies on the road as an experienced driver would?  Did you even think about such things?  No, more than likely you were excited about the prospect of learning to drive and the freedom you would have once you could drive.  At least, initially that would have been the most predominant thoughts and feelings.  In fact, you would have probably spent a lot of time beforehand thinking about driving and enjoying the feelings that came with such thoughts.

I want to invite you to think about praying in much the same way.  Every step in the process of learning to pray brings you closer to being able to pray effortlessly and powerfully.  But thereís something else just as wonderful happening.

If we return to the analogy of learning to drive, even as we slowly begin to engage in the mechanics of driving, we are actually driving. You would never think that just because your movements are awkward or that you forget to indicate or slow down in time or that you swung too far wide as you turned the corner etc that you were not driving, would you?  No, in fact such a thought would not even enter your mind.  If you were asked to think about it, you would likely have no doubt that you were driving.  It's just that you are not yet a good driver. 

Well, it is the same with praying. When we first start, we might feel a little awkward.  After all we have spent years reciting set prayers or praying in desperation where there was incongruence between what we were saying, thinking, feeling and doing.  But the beauty about praying and the simplicity about it is that it begins with a simple intention.  Our very first intention made fully and sincerely puts us in the act of praying.  

How long does it take to make an intention?  A few microseconds. Not long at all!  How long will it take to make the two intentions below (and I suggest that you try it now)?  Donít just read them.  Get ready for them first.  Smile as you sit comfortably, then say the first and breathe it in deeply so that it reaches every part of you.  Then say the next one. 

May I allow myself to hold my intentions fully and sincerely.  

May I allow myself to feel godís goodness, greatness, beauty, peace and love. 

Well, how long did that take?  And, more importantly, how are you feeling?

When we drop our conditioning, we realize that prayer is that natural, ongoing dialogue we have as waves in the ocean of love with love.  We realize that praying is as natural as breathing.  We realize that breathing is praying!


Prayer of Abundance

I know one thing for sure:

God, which is love, does not create anything that is lacking

The idea of lack comes from a belief

And this belief arises when I am not in the state of god-consciousness

This belief arises when I am not in the act of gratitude

For when I am in the act of gratitude, I see as god sees and I see goodness and I see abundance

If I am not seeing and feeling goodness and abundance right now, then I wish to change this

For how has seeing lack ever helped me, except by giving me the experience of fear, anxiety, selfishness and greed?

Yet, I know from experience, that when I see goodness and abundance, I feel good and abundant.

Everything that I am and that I have is an expression of goodness and abundance, of plenitude. When I allow myself to see it and feel it, I see so much that is good and abundant.

My body, my health, my mind, the meal I have had, the air that I breathe, the excitement that I feel, the friends that I have, the ground that I can walk on, the clothes that I am wearing, the desires that I have, the music that I enjoy, the sunlight, the door to my house, my garden, my pets, the cutlery that I useÖIn fact, there is really nothing that I cannot be grateful for.  There is nothing that I cannot see something good in.

I do not deny that things happen, things that I have been used to perceiving as bad, inadequate or undesirable.  But I now choose to relate and respond to them with love and in love because that is my nature.  And in doing so, I am in the state of god-consciousness. I am in the nature of god in which I am free, illimitable, joyous, peaceful, complete and abundant.  In this state I already am and have all that I desire. (Bring up an image in your mind of that which you desire, seeing and feeling the richness of it in detail)


Prayer of Forgiveness

When I have let go of my belief in badness or evil, then I have forgiven

When I see the splinter in my sisterís eye and see it as undesirable, then I continue to believe in something unreal, because in the reality of god, nothing is undesirable

When I look at myself and see that I am unattractive or not clever enough or not rich enough or not good enough, then I continue to believe in something unreal, because in the reality of god, only goodness, beauty, abundance and limitlessness are real.

When I think of someone and think of how he has hurt me and how unkind and unjust he has been, then I continue to believe in something unreal, because in the reality of god, all is loving, kind and just.

When I think of something, such as my house or my daughterís room or my car and see it as not good enough, then I continue to believe in something unreal, because in the reality of god, all of godís creation, without exception, is good

But when I give up the belief that something or someone is bad, or unkind or unjust or ugly or undeserving or not good enough, then I am ready to embrace reality.

For there is only one reality Ė the reality of god

And in god is all and all is good.

May I allow myself to give up completely from every part of my being where it may be lodged, the belief in anything that is not good. 

May I relieve myself of this ever-increasing burden that I have been carrying all my life, recognizing that it is the cause of my suffering.

May I give up fully and completely the need for justice, for compensation, for retribution, for punishment whether from myself or another for this need arises from the falsehood that something or someone can be hurt, destroyed or deprived, leaving them less or with less. 

In the reality of god, there is nothing but fullness, goodness, greatness and wholeness and these are indestructible and un-enhance-able.  No one and no thing can destroy or add to the fullness, goodness, greatness and wholeness of god and all of godís creation.  Unless I believe that something is not of godís creation, I cannot believe that anything can be other than good.  Yet I know that all is created in god and of god and that therefore all is good. 

I am therefore forgiving by giving up the belief that there is anything but good.  In forgiving I realize that there is no one and nothing to forgive.  Rather, in forgiving I am relieving myself of the burden and suffering which I have unnecessarily been carrying all these minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. 

In giving up the belief that there is bad or evil, I am now ready to see that all is good.  I am now seeing as god sees.  I am now in god-consciousness.  I am now godís peace, joy and love.  I am now ready to co-create with and in god, intending all that is good.

In giving up the belief in bad or evil, I allow myself to once again become fully engaged in the creative process of love.  I allow myself every thought, word and action that arises from and moves in love. 

This may mean helping my sister remove the splinter from her eye if she so desires.  It may mean feeding and clothing someone who is right now unable to do it for her/himself.  It may mean sharing the skills I have in teaching someone how to feed and clothe her/himself.  It may mean allowing someone (including myself), the space and time to be on their own and/or follow their own desires.  It may mean sharing my views about something without demanding anything in return. 

I now see myself in these and/or other acts of love that arise in my mind. (Hold a mental image)

In short, by forgiving, all that I had previously seen as bad, unkind, hurtful, ugly, undesirable, greedy, unjust shallow, selfish, evil etc, I now see with the eyes of god, of love, and all is good and I am free once again to think, feel and act out of love.


Prayer of Reconciliation

I have held this hurt for too long

I have fed this anger far too much

I have allowed this bitterness and indignation to fester

They are decaying carcasses that keeps attracting more and more flies

Yet I have persisted in carrying them close to my heart

No more.

No more will I so tragically dishonour myself

For am I not of god?  Of good?  Of love?

Am I not created in the image of goodness, greatness, joy and peace? 

Am I not a creation of god?  God who sees that all is good?

I allow myself to feel this infinite goodness, this goodness that knows no limits

I allow myself to feel this ever present peace, this peace that is unending

I allow myself to feel this gentle joy, this joy that arises spontaneously

My whole being fills with goodness, with peace, with joy

I am now ready to look at the one whom I believed had hurt me and caused it such pain

I am now ready to look at her (hold mental image)

I am now ready to see that all is good

How could it be otherwise since all is of god and all that is of god is good?

I am now ready to see that (name/image) is good because s/he is of god.  Just as I am!

We may be two waves of different shapes and sizes but we are of the one ocean and of the same water

And that water is no better in me than it is in (name)

And no better in (name) than it is in me

That water is complete in it goodness in me and in (name)

So the goodness that we each are is complete in me and in (name)

And in that goodness, (name) and I are one.

We have never been otherwise

To hold anger towards (name) is to hold anger towards me

To hold bitterness towards (name) is to hold bitterness towards me

And this I am no longer prepared to do

This is madness for it refuses to see things as they truly are

And things as they truly are, are of god and of good

I am now ready to see this

I am now ready to see as god sees

That all is good

I embrace you (name) as a creation of god, of goodness

You are no less just as I am no less

I see the goodness of god complete in you

Just as I see the goodness of god complete in me

My mind and heart are full with the goodness of god that is complete and that demands nothing

I do not need to know what you are thinking or wanting

Whether you (I) want what I (you) want

Whether you (I) can understand my (your) pain

Whether you (I) are willing to apologize

Whether you (I) are prepared to change

No, none of these matter

How could they when the fullness and completeness of godís goodness in me requires nothing?

It exists in me and in you unconditionally

The goodness of god, of love, which is the stuff of me and you is complete and requires nothing, demands nothing

In this fullness and completeness, I see you as god sees you.  I see myself as god sees me. 

And in this seeing, nothing but love connects us.

I allow myself the freedom to see you and to see me with the eyes, the mind and the heart of love

I allow myself the joy of seeing you and of seeing me as the goodness of god, complete and wanting nothing

I allow myself the peace that has been waiting for me, that has been me!

I am at peace.  I am peace.







Prayer of Abundance

Prayer of Forgiveness

Prayer of Reconciliation

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